The prologue will take place on the grounds of the former International Garden Show 2013 (igs). After the igs, the site was converted into the Wilhelmsburg Island Park. Gardens, meadows and lakes as well as interesting playgrounds and sports facilities invite to many leisure and sports activities. The terrain demands a constant change between rough orientation and fine orientation in partly very detailed areas. In addition, constant route selection with fast running passages is required. The terrain is mostly flat and in some places also humid.

The sprint competition of the Hamburg-OL 2020 returns to the Altonaer Volkspark after several years. The area in the west of Hamburg is characterised by mostly wooded park areas with partly significant differences in altitude. In the northern part of the competition area there are more urban sections with the arenas and the training facilities of the HSV. The changes between the different types of terrain make high demands on the competitors, it promises to be exciting races.
The map is based on the new sprint map standard ISSprOM and has been updated extensively.

The middle distance (also LRL Lower Saxony) takes place in the Kleckerwald in Rosengarten. The running area in the south of Hamburg is mostly flat at an altitude of 45 to 85 m. The terrain slopes down to the west and south. There are some ice age shaped hollows and valleys. Spruce and beech forests alternate. The walkability is mostly good to very good. In some places the visibility and walkability is limited by natural regeneration. The path network is moderately developed, in the flat parts also rectangular.