The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences also have an impact on the Hamburg Orienteering Weekend. Since the probabilty of a successfull competition at the orginal date in June seems too uncertain for both organizers, the OSC Hamburg and the SC Klecken decided to postpone the races to October. This gives both the organizers and the competitors a sufficiently high planning security. Due to the status as regional ranking runs, the postponement has already been applied for at the orienteering committee of Lower Saxony - the decision will be made in due course, as it is not yet clear which other runs will be postponed to autumn. The exact date will be communicated here as soon as the decision has been made.

If the overall situation in August makes an event in October questionable, there might be a change, e.g. a reduction to one race day.

This step was not easy for us, but we still hope that many participants will use the late date to extend the orienteering season.